Pinkie Pie
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G4 mini
Cutie Type:

Her cutie mark is two white flowers with yellow centers.

Flower Wishes shares her name with G3 Flower Wishes but aside from her name, she does not appear to have similar attributes.

Flower Wishes

2010 - Blind Bag Wave 1
ITEM #: 94818/33309   Orig. Retail:
$ 1.99

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Flower Wishes was released as a mini figure in the first wave of Blind Bags. She could be found in bag #12. The first set of blind bags were released in Europe in 2010 and later in the US. They are either regular or transparent/glitter style.

They came in pink Canterlot bags.

Product Information

Which beautiful MY LITTLE PONY figures are in these mystery packs?  Each bag includes a mini-figure based on the MY LITTLE PONY: Friendship is Magic series like PINKIE PIE, SUGAR GRAPE, FIZZYPOP, and more!  These mystery packs are perfect for a special birthday party, other special occasion, or to simply collect all 24 characters.  Case pack includes 24 individual mystery figure packs which include a collector card and MY LITTLE PONY mini-figure.

Pony is about 4cm tall.

2012 - Friendship Celebration Collection
ITEM #: A0588   Orig. Retail:
$ 24.99

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Flower Wishes was released again as a mini figure in the Toys R Us exclusive Friendship Celebration Collection.

Product Information

Get a whole stable full of ponies with the My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Friendship Celebration Collection Set! You can have all kinds of friendship fun with your 12 mini pony figures. Want to go on a picnic outside with your SWEETIE SWIRL and FIRECRACKER BURST pony figures? Or have a birthday party with your RAINBOW FLASH and SWEETIE BLUE pony figures? With the more than 20 fun-filled accessories and all these beautiful pony figures, there are all kinds of special ways to share time together!

The My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Friendship Celebration Collection Set includes ponies:




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Flower Wishes
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Flower Wishes
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