Meet the Ponies


Sparkleworks knows
you can always be more,
if you only let
your imagination soar.
She says if you set
your mind on something new,
there isn't a thing
that you can't do.
She thinks challenges
are a lot of fun,
since they bring out the best
in everyone.
~ from Storybook Collection

"Have you ever flown over Ponyville in a hot air balloon? You haven't? Then you need to go for a ride with Sparkleworks.

One day, Sparkleworks was flying over to the Greener-Than-Green Meadow to have a picnic and asked Sunny Daze to come along. Up over the treetops, they were nose to nose with all of the rainbows in the land. Then Sparkleworks leaned over to her friend and said, 'Want to catch a rainbow?"

Wheeeeeee, up, up, up they went over the first rainbow, under the next, over the third, and around the fourth until they landed so gently on the greener-than-green grasses of the Greener-Than-Green Meadow. And no picnic had ever tasted so good!

So let your imagination fly with Sparkleworks! You'll both have more fun than you've ever had before!" ~ story from Target Sweepstakes Meet the Ponies

SPARKLEWORKS has already been up for hours. She gets up early in the morning because she just can't wait to greet each new day -- with a ride across the sky in a hot-air balloon!

· Compare my Cutie Mark with my friends!
· Take Rainbow Dash for a hot-air balloon ride
· Make a pony charm friendship bracelet

SPARKLEWORKS has such a big imagination, she makes every day an adventure! She can make a walk in the park feel like a journey to a faraway land... or make a simple tea party feel like a royal banquet!

· Go to the park and watch a hot-air balloon launch
· Invite my friends over to play dress-up and put on a show!
· Have a tea party with my friend Strawberry Swirl

SPARKLEWORKS loves to dress up, especially for a fancy event like Friendship Ball! Can you imagine what she'll be wearing on the big night?

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