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I am constantly updating the site with new information and pictures. Click Updates on the menu to the left for the latest updates. If you have specific G3 pony information you are looking for that you don't see on my site, please contact me and I can make that information a priority for the next update.


It would be impossible for me to create this site without the help of other Pony Collectors. So many wonderful members have donated pictures and information to be used on this site. Without this, I fear that the site would never be up and running if I had to take all the pictures and do all the research myself. This site is definitely due to a group effort! I am so grateful for everyone that has helped and continues to help.

Do you have information?

If you know of any other G3 information that isn't part of this site, and you would like to share it with the community, please contact me. Also, please please please let me know if you see any mistakes on the site. I want this information to be as accurate as possible so it can continue to be useful to collectors.

Do you have pictures?

Do you have pictures that you wish to share on this site? Please click the link to the left to see the list of pictures needed.