Meet the Ponies

Learn about all of the pony characters, whether they were released as a regular pony, ponyville, plush, or even if their only appearance was in a movie.



Pony Places

Learn about pony places mentioned in pony stories and movies.


Rare Ponies

Listing of the most rare, hard to find or sought after ponies.


Core 7 Reference

A guide to the Core 7 ponies and all of their releases.



A guide to the ponies cute little winged friends.


Newborn Cuties

Hasbro's newest pony creations, baby newborn cuties!


Prize Ponies

Prize ponies are miniature ponies given away as prizes for happy meals and other bonus items.


Tiny Tins

Tiny Tins are miniature ponies that were packaged with collectible tin containers.



Miniature ponies.


So Soft Ponies

Plush Ponies