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Star Dreams has no cutie mark.

Star Dreams

2011 - Sweet Slumbers
ITEM #: 37068    Orig. Retail:
$ 12.99
~ International Exclusive ~

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Star Dreams was released in 2012 with Applejack in the Sweet Slumbers accessory set.

They came with bedroom accessories.

Product Information

APPLEJACK and STAR DREAMS love having slumber parties together! There’s plenty of fun and treats to last until bedtime!

Have a slumber party and invite your best pony friends, APPLEJACK and STAR DREAMS! You’ll love staying up in bed with them, watching television and giggling and having "snacks!" Put their slippers on and put them in their bed in front of the television accessory. Comb their beautiful hair when it’s time for sweet dreams!

2 pony figures come with bed, television, "pizza" with slice, pizza box, popcorn bowl, 2 sets of slippers, teddy bear and paper table.

Accessory Variations

The Sweet Slumbers set came with accessory color variations.

2013 - Cutie Mark Crusaders & Friends Collection
ITEM #: A5396   Orig. Retail:
$ 24.99

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Twist-a-loo was released in the Cutie Mark Crusaders & Friends Collection.

This version of her has her eyelashes closer together.

Slumber vs. CMC sets

Product Information

It's time for pony school! Your Cutie Mark Crusaders & Friends Collection has a whole class full of pony fun. Your Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo pony figures will learn a lesson about Cutie Marks from their teacher, your Cheerilee figure! The collection also includes Silver Spoon, Twist-a-loo and Star Dreams pony figures for even more "horsing" around. Be the best and the "cutiest" in your class with the Cutie Mark Crusaders & Friends Collection!

Cutie Mark Crusaders & Friends Collection includes 7 pony figures! Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, Cheerilee, Scootaloo, Silver Spoon, Twist-a-loo and Star Dreams figures! Put one of your figures at the included school desk. Collection also includes 2 pairs of glasses. Book and newspaper accessories.

Set includes 7 pony figures, school desk, 2 pairs of glasses, books and newspaper.




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Star Dreams
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Star Dreams
Cutie Mark Crusaders & Friends   eyelashes closer together