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Her cutie mark is a sun with glitter.

Princess Celestia

2011 - Fashion Style
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Princess Luna & Princess Celestia were released in Fashion Style sizes in a special Canterlot set.

Canterlot products are Target Exclusive.

Product Information

Princess Celestia and Princess Luna love to get ready together! Help them dress up in their royal gowns and style their hair! Your royal pony figures want to get ready for a fancy party, but they cant do it without you!

You'll have so many choices as you style their hair and put on their outfits. Which shoes should they wear? Which barrettes? You'll have a full length mirror and a hand mirror so your pony figures can see themselves as you make them look their best!

Pony figures come with 2 gowns, 6 barrettes, 2 hair extension clips, 8 shoes, 2 tiaras, bracelet, necklace, comb, full length mirror, hand mirror, chest, 2 boas, wand and gem stickers.

2012 - Fashion Style
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Product Information

Your PRINCESS CELESTIA pony figure needs your help to look her very best for the royal wedding! The comb, barrettes and tiara are just what you need to give her an extra special look to go with her sparkly dress. Her pretty shoes will complete her gorgeous look, but she couldnt have done it without her favorite stylist you!

Stylish pony figure comes with everything you need to dress her up and make her look as fabulous as can be! Comb her mane and tail with the included comb. She comes with shoes, barrettes, a tiara and a beautiful sparkly dress!

Pony figure comes with dress, 4 shoes, comb, 4 hair barrettes and tiara.




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Princess Celestia
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Princess Celestia
Fashion Style   no tinsel, no glitter