Fashion Standing
Body Color:
Body Type:
G4 Large
Cutie Type:
Hearts, Objects

Her cutie mark is a heart embedded in a gilded decorated frame.

Princess Cadance

2012 - Crystal Fashion Style
ITEM #: A0640   Orig. Retail:
$ 24.99

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Product Information

These royal ponies shine and sparkle in all the colors of the rainbow! With 2 ponies and beautiful accessories to decorate them with, you'll have a magical, gorgeous CRYSTAL EMPIRE pony collection. Dress them up and style their hair, then mix and match the accessories to create different looks for each pony!

Pack includes 2 CRYSTAL EMPIRE pony figures: PRINCESS CADANCE and SHINING ARMOR ponies.

Includes beautiful outfits, crown and barrettes! Comb their manes and tails!
Includes 2 pony figures, dress, uniform, 4 shoes, 2 gift boxes, barrette with ribbon, flower bouquet, 2 rings, 2 barrettes, crown, comb and jewelry box.

Accessory Variations

The Princess Cadance and Shining Armor set came with several accessory color variations including comb, clips, and ring colors.

2013 - Fashion Style
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Product Information

Your Princess Cadance pony figure needs your help to look her very best! She comes with footwear for every occasion, but it's up to you to make her boots or shoes sparkle with the gorgeous gems included! Brush her hair and put on her dress and tiara to complete her royal look. Your pony pal will look perfect, but she couldn't have done it without her favorite fashion consultant - you!

Princess Cadance pony figure! Decorate her boots and shoes! Includes 4 gems for decoration. Comb her hair. Includes dress and tiara.

Pony figure comes with comb, tiara, boots, shoes, dress and 4 gems.




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Princess Cadance
Fashion Style Set Target purple wings

Princess Cadance
Fashion Style   gem eye, pink wings